Monday, October 03, 2005

Wicked Series Champions

This weekend Matt, Glenn, Kim and Myself won the Wicked AR series by coming in second overall and first in the four person coed category. We had a tough race and it was not easy either. Started off a bit slow due to some gear miscalculations and then raced through the field without a big problem. Big trek/trail run and then a small time penalty for some more gear issues....big trouble in little gear land this weekend.

Small bike section and then we paddled our butts off...then a surprise orienteering section was popped on us at the end. We had some trouble with one checkpoint and then ran into the finish line in about 9 hours. To see the course CLICK HERE.

They always do a great job with the post race scene and there was an abundance of food available for the hungry racers.

The rest of the team is in Brazil, looking forward to watching their progress on sleep monsters.

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