Tuesday, February 21, 2006

CDC Roundup

Well we are still in the off season and just getting started on the 2006 base training. I received a letter from the Center for Disease Control today with some general facts surrounding the issue that surfaced at the 2005 USARA National Championship race in Florida...you might know that 2/3 of the racing team came down with Lepto from exposure to some nastiness in the swamp water. If you didn't, it was really bad. Anyways, here is what they had to say:

"Dear USARA Adventure Race National Championship participant:

Thank you for your participation in the investigation of the recent leptospirosis outbreak during the USARA Championship. To catch you up on results: 193 of 200 racers completed questionnaires. 43 of 193 racers reported illnesses consistent with leptospirosis, and of these 43 “suspect cases,” 31 had blood and/or urine testing for leptospirosis performed at our CDC laboratory. 14 of these 31 were positive for leptospirosis. We are now working with state and local health departments to arrange an additional (and final) blood draw from the 43 suspect cases, known as the convalescent serum sample. By comparing the antibody titers in this second sample to the first sample, we will be able to better determine which strain, or serovar, of the bacteria caused the outbreak. Knowing the serovar can help us determine the animal reservoirs of the bacteria, and may help to develop strategies for prevention..."

So I think I will give more blood to help them figure out what the strain of the bug was...but you won't find me racing in the swamp anytime soon. Seegs was out this weekend, February 18, racing the swamp stomp with Go Lite-sprint...she is crazy. I think they placed 5th, but still waiting to hear about it from her.

The team will be looking at our calendar soon to try and lay out a general plan for the season. More on this later.

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