Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Colinoba II

JVG and I competed in the second annual Colinoba adventure race and got paired up with Missing Link's Jerry Gamez. What a combination! The race is held in observance of Colin Ness' birthday and proved to be a blast. We had 25 checkpoints, three of which were Pubs, and 5 bonus checkpoints that would serve as time bonuses. Were were all dubbed team names associated with Colin's favorite beer and we ended up as team Guiness...of course there were remnants of my true DART-nuun colors flying as the day wore on ;-)

The competition was hotly contested and the Yeager brothers, the producers of our favorite NW adventure racing series ( Trioba ), crossed the finish line first. They had elected to forego riding the roller coaster at the Seattle City center which gave us a 20 minute time bonus and bumped us from finishing 9 minutes behind them to an unprecedented 11 minute lead.

We utilized a lot of strategy but in the end Jerry's uncanny ability to chug a guiness really paid off! Not only did we win the Guiness cup, but we were awarded the best dressed prize as well. We are looking forward to defending our title at next years Colinoba.

When it was all said and done we did almost 4 hours of running all over the city of Seattle...the pavement was kind to us but had me dreaming of running on trails.

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