Wednesday, April 19, 2006

KINeSYS offer from Team DART-nuun

DART has teamed up with KINeSYS, the leader in performance suncare products, to extend an offer of 20% off your KINeSYS purchases plus free shipping for any order of $45 (after discount) or more by utilizing the following code upon checkout from the KINeSYS website.
Coupon Code: TEAMDART

After selecting the “Buy Now” button, you can enter the discount coupon code at the bottom of the page before you “Checkout”.

Why use KINeSYS sunscreen during training or racing? Athletes of all levels need sunscreen. A true performance sunscreen provides broad spectrum protection and is easy to apply before and during any activity. It does not require messy rubbing and dries quickly without oily residue to hinder grip or comfort. It withstands vigorous activity and allows skin pores to breathe normally. Irritants such as oil, alcohol and PABA have been replaced with more sophisticated ingredients in tune with the equipment of a modern athlete. A true performance sunscreen maximizes protection, comfort and results.

I was personally sold on the product, which I have been using for 2 years, when it didn’t adversely affect my sensitive skin by clogging pores or leaving an oiling film during extended period in the outdoors. After using KINeSYS in hot places like the deserts of the Baja Travesia expedition race, I know the product works. Their spray-on bottles that come in small portable sizes are perfect to carry during long days in the outdoors. Check out their other products like their Analgesic Sport Stick, Soothing Footspray, and Performance Moisturizer. I use them all with excellent results.

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