Friday, March 16, 2007

March Madness continues

Another fly day recorded today...we started off with partly cloudy skies and had some great breaks with lots of sun. More people have showed up and ABA is now servicing 3-4 groups of skiers/snowboarders. They still are doing a fantastic job of providing great service and they have a large group of experienced guides that can attend to each group.

This picture is from the top of a run called "Lisa's". We are looking down at the glacier that we spent flying around for most of the day and accross the valley at "Easter Basket" which we finished the day off with.

Here is the view from the back of the heli. Frank the best heli operator/captain ever is up front and one of the guides is always sitting shotgun...see the mountains out the window?

Here is our guide, "JW", digging a pit on Easter Basket, our last run of the day. Notice the massive cornice above him. The top 1/3 had variable conditions and the bottom 2/3 had bottomless pow.

Today was filled with lots of new terrain and we had a blast exploring it with our trusty guide. The temperatures are going up and we were very comfortable not dealing with -30 made the day a bit more enjoyable. We are looking forward to hopefully getting out for another great day tomorrow.

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