Friday, May 25, 2007

AR News Update...

There is quite a bit of action in the AR world right now...

Top of the list today and this weekend is the World championships starting tomorrow in Scotland! There is a prologue taking place on the Island of his update from a buddy: " 25/05/07 12:12:54pm UDT - HQ is deserted as everyone is in the Main Hall and has just been told about the exciting plan to hold the race start and prologue on the tiny Isle of Rum which is around 2 hours off the West Coast of Scotland. More route revelations are being made NOW!" This is going to be an intense race to follow. Wish I was there!
Check out the site for more information. (Click Image above)

The Update on PQ is posted on the site. Word has it that a new CEO is in town, 2006 race director Don Mann is in the house and 2008 will be US based race! This is an update from the last post...(thanks for the heads up Robin!) Click on the PQ image above to get to their press release. Now where do we think it is going be??? My guess is the Northern Rockies.

Could there be more? How about the MiX (Michigan Expedition AR) that starts in 3 days. It will be interesting to see what teams compete with EMS, as that is where my money is after reviewing the teams list. I've heard from multiple people that the race is well ran and it comes highly recommended. The staff seems to be on top of their game and their site looks clean and professional. I will be watching the Checkpoint Tracker on this one to keep my finger on the pulse of the race.


garobbins said...

RVG, thanks for linking me up on yer blog dude.
It's tough to watch the ARWC from a distance eh!

DARTvg said...

Wish I was in Ireland...missed you in Deep Cove on Sunday!