Monday, June 18, 2007

Taper...the Methow way

With just days before we take off for Raid the North it is time to let the body rest up and taper. Which is usually a great time, filled with eating and resting. This weekend lived up to my expectations, JVG and I road tripped up to Winthrop and spent some time in the Methow Valley. It was perfect. We drove the Mountian Loop Highway which is a big loop connecting I-90 and Highway 20 with Highway 97 over Blewett pass.

As is usually the case, the west side was grey and wet and the East side was high and occasional rain drop fell in WInthrop, but nothing consistent.

The final update is in for RTN, and it looks like we will be racing out of the Queen Charlotte Islands now for a 3-4 day section and then finishing the race with a 24-36 hour section out of Prince Rupert. I've heard nothing but good things about the Queen Charlotte Islands and am looking forward to getting up there. Especially the ferry ride up there through the inside passage.

Here are a couple of pics from a side trail run/walk we did out of the West Fork of teh Methow river. Beautiful trail with lots of scenery. A fire blazed the landscape a year or two ago and it is interesting to see eveything making a comeback. Just when I had given up on flowers we found a couple that added some color to the Burned Black and Green ground cover. There are soo many trails off of Highway 20, it has inspired me even further to get up there and explore!

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THRILL said...

good luck on your race go kick some arse!

Your trip with JVG looks gorgeous. FUN!!!!