Thursday, July 05, 2007

Viva la RTNX

We, DART-nuun, finished 2nd and had a great race against a competitive field. We are happy with our results and had a good time up North with the Canadians...

Climbing Mt Moreseby

yours truly...

We made it back after 102 hours of racing and 19 hours of non stop driving to Seattle and home.

Here are a couple of my initial after thoughts about the race:
-Totally Awesome!
-Real Wilderness
-Real Navigation
-Endless beauty
-Wildlife, saw my first wild bear. I felt safe from the confines of my boat.
-Great competitive field, everyone there was happy to be there and had a lust for life!
-Kick ass after party

It was amazing that FAR pulled it off after soo many hurdles. Many props go out to Geoff Langford and Laurance Foster(sp?) for an absolutely great race and class act. Put the RTN on your calendar in 2008 if you want the real deal.

Here are some good photos from the trip...

You can also find more pictures at our team website.

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