Saturday, December 08, 2007

Kayak training with Outdoor Adventure Center

Our adventure racing team spends an awful lot of time working on our fitness, but this time of year we spend a bit more time honing our technical skills, whether it be on a mountain bike, running, climbing or kayaking. Friday night we hooked up with our good friends from the Outdoor Adventure Center in the Juanita high School Pool and went over bracing techniques, wet exits and most importantly rescue techniques in a kayak.

We have been in some pretty hairy conditions in our sea kayaks and are all pretty confident with our open water rescue skills with the exception of an eskimo roll. Glenn, Rinn and I set out to master this skill and be able to teach all the members of our team what they need to know about assisted and non assisted recovery techniques. We got teamed up with Buckey who has been river and sea kayaking since the beginning of time and has a very large cache of tricks and tips.

So what are we in for? This Friday was 1.5 hours of bracing and assisted rescue. Next Friday will be class time and some pool time and then the following friday we will graduate with some unassisted eskimo rolls. Can we roll a double? I think so. Has anyone ever heard of a triple kayak eskimo roll? Bucky is sure he could get it with some practice and the right people in the boat.

We Finished off class with 20 minutes of kayak water polo...lots of fun and skill building at the same time.

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