Monday, March 24, 2008

Baja Travesia!

Baja Travesia kicked off this morning at 11:30 am in San Felipe, Mexico. Our team is two time defending champs and are looking to three peat. The race this year is flip flopped with the race starting in San Felipe and ending in Ensenada.

A little history on the race...this is the third year that the travesia has been produced by adventure racer extraordinaires Paul Romero and Karen Lundgren. These guys have been everywhere that the AR scene could lead you and won some of the toughest races on the planet. They produce a racers race and don't hold anyones hand through their adventures.

Of course this is a double edged sword, as we found ourselves 1/3 of a mile off the coast after our boat sunk and our family style walkie talkies didn't reach the safety boats that we did not see all race, in the end we relied on our own skills to stay safe and we realize that you need to have the proper skills before you insert yourself into a potentially harmful situation.

Anyways, We are pumped to have two teams in the race and are looking forward to watching the gps trackers and getting updated from the travesia site and also Sleep Monsters. One of the everlasting ARquestions will be answered one way or another... Will the damn GPS trackers work? Sleep monster devices have a good track record. Lets keep our fingers crossed for good data.

Here's some beta on the course from the site.

The course summary is:
Paddleboard relay: 5 km
Trek: 30 km
Rally cars (time neutral): 25 km
Trek: 30 km, ascending a canyon some 7000’
Bike: 91 km a big downhill along amazing remote single-track
Trek: 26 km another canyon
Bike: 60 km another big downhill
Trek: 25 km
Bike: 35 km
Kayak: 17 km to Ensenada
TOTAL: 349 km

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