Monday, March 03, 2008

Whidbey Island

I decided to join Glenn and Aaron on what I would later hear Aaron call their toughest weekend of training before Baja Travesia. Well, I bagged out of the run on Saturday (thank goodness) and they tired themselves before I joined them for a ride from Mukilteo up North through LaConnor, over Deception Pass and then south the entire length of Whidbey Island, click here for a map of the ride on Glenn's blog. I never knew that Whidbey was the second largest marine Island in the lower 48 states. What is the first? We speculated it is Long Island, but will have to wikipedia it to figure it out.

We left Rinn's place at 8am with Glenn, Aaron, Ken and myself. 33 miles later on the Tulalip reservation a friend of Ken's picked up with us and began to drop the hammer. His wife dropped him off on marine View where we were and he quickly pulled us up to LaConnor. Time was flying.

My problem was that I am mjust starting my training, my first race will be in Vegas at the Desert Winds, and these guys are crushing it in their prime for Baja. Needless to say I held on for dear life. Ride Stats: 130.25 Miles, 5770 feet of climbing and 1 soar ass. The ride was beautiful and the terrain was out of this world. I will let the map and pictures do the talking...


Glenn said...

Great slide show. That was a real ass kicker

Michmas said...

Just wait till you have to pull the baby trailer on those long ass rides :) :)


Gary Robbins said...

Good luck in Baja guys, kick some ass down there!!