Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Desert Winds adventure race

What's next for DART-nuun you ask? We will be sending down two teams to the third Desert Winds AR in Vegas Baby! Or Lake Mead, but it is close enough to Vegas to get a bit excited about it. We will be fielding two teams; one comprised of the Primal Quest DART-nuun team (Cyril, Aaron, Aaron and Mari) as a primer and the other including myself, Glenn, Sean and a new face to the crowd Karen Stokes to try and get some CP Tracker points for the season and push the other team.

This is a picture of the race course! We are pumped to get into the sun and have some fun!

What is it? A 28 hour adventure race. Last year they were able to keep the top teams racing to the end with a Rogaine style finish...nothing like treking through the desert for 28 hours.

Disciplines? No biking this year, this will be good for me as I usually fall back onto my biking for my advantage. This year's race will be filled with Treking, Canyoneering, Swimming and Kayaking.

When is it? May 10th, right around the corner.

Who's going to be there? Our buddies on Mergeo.com are sending a team, Sol?, I heard through the grapevine that Robin Benincasa will be there racing as a double with her PQ team mate Travis macy. (Rumor or truth, I don't know)

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Michmas said...

Robyn had hip surgery about 6 months ago so she's easing back into the scene. I wouldnt be too worried....yet :)