Wednesday, June 25, 2008

PQ Updates from the field

While the team is racing I am lucky enough to get an occasional call from Ryan Fleming for team updates. I will post them and any other updates I receive along the way here as I get them...not sure how many more I will get.
I'm officially signing off for a couple of days....headed down to Oakridge, OR for the Cascade Cream Puff. Go team go!!!!

Friday-June 27
(called 5:10pm) Support personell are in Bozeman, just got done doing laundry for the team and restocking. In the last TA Aaron and Aaron were very strong and suggested that they might try and get one more hour of sleep 2 TA's from here and then go for the big push. Cyril is feeling better and they left very rested.

Ryan did not know who had tendonitis on Peakadventure, he said Travelcountry left and came back as one of their team mates has bronchitis and needs to rest up, that are going to continue.

(called at 10:00am):
The team slept in teh field on the bike last night a little bit and are in transition now. They plan on sleeping 3 hours. Bones left before they got there and MOAT was in the transition. Overall they are doing OK and hopefully the sleep will get them back to moving at top speed.

Thursday-June 26 (called at 8:10pm):
At 7:00pm Montana time the team got back on their bikes after a long night and day through the Crazy Mountains and a lengthy transition. Evidently Cyril had a very rough night and was not able to eat much. Matzke's ankle seems to be doing ok, he came into transition without the brace on, not sure if that was because he could not fit into it or not. Rinn and Mari are doing good. Fleming pumped the team with lots of food and liquids, Cyril slept for 45 minutes and then support got the team back on their way before the gap between DART-nuun and Bones got too big. They are in route to CP 19 right now....go gettum gang!

Wednesday-June 25:
Just got this photo and a couple more from Mike Bitton on scene in Montana... click on the picture to see a couple of shots from TA#3.

Photo compliments of photographer extraordinaire and DART-nuun friend Mike Bitton

(June 25) Day 3: The team was in transition for ~2.5-3 hours after CP13, Ryan called and let me know that the team was sleeping for over 2 hours. The overall sleep strategy will be to sleep a lot up front and mostly in transition because the sleep is much better and temperatures are extremely low at night, which makes it hard to sleep. The team will most likely push through this bike (CP16) and the next trek, which Ryan thinks will be one of the tougher sections of the race, before they sleep again.

Matzke rolled an ankle on this trek and it has been wrapped/taped. Hopefully the time on the bike will help a bit.

Overall the team is happy and knows that there is a lot of racing left. They want to be pushing through the end and have good positive attitudes right now.

June (24) Day 2: Riverboarding was absolutely insane. Rinn got sucked into a hole and held under water for quite some time. He lost his board and the team spent 1-1.5 hours on the bank recovering his gear and getting back into the swing of things. Still positive they transitioned fast and moved out


Anonymous said...

thanks for the updates Ryan. Saw a picture of the Gear Truck you guys have down there. Pretty cool! - Dan

sean.clancy said...

Hit the VITARGO!!!!!
And nuun water!!!!
And anything else you can get down.

Sean Clancy