Monday, July 14, 2008

Seegs heads to Badwater

Jen Segger, Dart-nuun team mate and good friend, is currently 14 hours into her run at badwater...135 miles of pure madness, or in her eyes pure running pleasure. Jen stopped in on her way down South and was in great spirits and seemed very ready to run her heart out.

I honestly did not know much about badwater until recently...135 miles of running on the pavement from the lowest point on North America to Mt Whitney, some of the runners continue up the 14,000 foo peak. It gets so hot that the runners shoe soles melt off. Urban myth, I dont think so.

The VanGorder household are sending all our good vibes and cool thoughts to Jen and her attempt at crushing badwater...go Seegs go!

Seegs getting ready for war at the start line...

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Hart said...

seegs did awesome! she was 9th overall, 5th female and finished in 32hr 31min.