Monday, December 01, 2008

Abu Dhabi

The hard work is all done, now its time to taper and prepare the logistics for the Abu Dhabi adventure challenge.This weekend we hit it hard and heavy starting on Thanksgiving for me. I wanted to get 4 days in a row of intense work outs, mission accomplished.

Thursday/Thanksgiving- was a 2 hour fast paced run and a 1 hour hike up to Rattlesnake
Friday- Hoops marathon
Saturday- 7:45 trail run around Garfield
Sunday- 6:11 (moving time) paddle around bainbridge Island...28.6 miles.

We are working on finalizing our gaitor set up for the desert trek (110k)...there will be lots of sand. I saw this post on Sari Anderson's blog about her gaitor set up...We are leaning towards using the lycra booties that road cyclists use to keep their feet semi warm. I tested a pair the other day on a run down at Alki and they seemed to do the job.

These pictures are actually from two weekend ago's training where we paddled around Maruy Island, portaged, and ran Dockton State Park trails where they hold the Vashon X-Terra each year. Great trails.


Juniper Anderson said...

Having a hard time getting ahold of those gaiters so working on other options. 28.6 mile paddle around Bainbridge sounds like great training. How long does that take? See you in a week!

DARTvg said...

6 hours 11 minutes, is what the GPS gave us as moving time but I think there was some fluff in there for rafted up time and playing with the GPS to figure it out. C ya soon!

Hart said...

so jealous about what i'm sure was an awesome paddle around bainbridge.

make us proud in abu rvg! you guys are going to do awesome!