Sunday, February 01, 2009

and so it begins...2009

Well, I'm oficially off of my blogging hiatus and back into training. '08 was an incredible year and I experienced a blessing in the birth of Jaden and had fun out on the race course and exploring the world with my friends.

This year there are a lot of things in the hopper... Here is what comes to mind:

-Cascade Cream Puff, just sent JVG and my registration in for the '09 race in Oakridge

-Costa Rica AR in April

-Production of Trioba races

-Worlds in Portugal

-Adventure Week in Courdelaine(sp?)

-Trip to Norway

Skies the limit! So in the near term look for me and my trusty companions on a body of water, field of snow, gym bench, bike seat or running trail near you :-)


Gary Robbins said...

Right on man, looks like yet another stellar year in the making!
Did you know that Todd is moving to Norway for a year in just a few weeks time? I'm sure he'd love to see ya if you happen to be in the same neck of the woods. Trondheim, if that's spelled right?
I'm hoping to make it over there as well for a visit, most likely in the fall, what time frame you looking at and what are your plans?

DARTvg said...

Right on G- I did see that TN is headed out to Norway. My sister in law and her husband are living in Stavanger. We are thinking about Spring, but might be looking more around fall if that does not work out. I'll let you know.

Glenn said...

great pic..would that be bainbridge last fall? Let pick a new island

garobbins said...

Right on man! Looks like Norway is the 'hot spot' this year, Darrell Sofield is heading over there to do a race in March!