Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May Showers bring more May Showers

We are still caught up in the ice age known as Spring here in the Pacific Northwest...rain, rain and more rain. Desert Winds was a nice refuge from the cold temperatures and a great race. I made a slew of navigational errors that cost us heavily in the results department but overall we had a blast. The highlights for me was swimming in the canyons and being able to bike throughout the night in shorts and a jersey...simple pleasures. It was also nice that my ankle survived a 24 hour race without issues.

Here are the pics:

Desert Winds

Couple of other random thoughts:
Beast Race coming up tomorrow...get out there if you are not already planning on doing so.

Check out this awesome video Matt posted on his blog.

Vetted the Trioba 6-12 hour race course last weekend near Index...This race is going to be sweet.

heading to Norway next week to hike some Fjords and do some surfing ;-)

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Hart said...

thanks for the mention on my video RVG.

there is a lot of good buzz about your TRIOBA races this season.

norway!? awesome.. travel safe.