Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cascade Cream Puff 2009

Wow, another whirlwind year at the Puff...this year the temperatures held off but the skies opened up with a light drizzle all day and we traded overheating with sloppy trails and nice comfortable mist. 11 hours and 49 minutes of from start to finish and I was happy to scrub almost all the poison oak off with Tecnu and get the race fee included massage at the end.

I raced this year with Aaron, JVG, Hayes and Brent from seattle and we had a blast. When it was all said and done I had 3 less spokes, a severely bent deraillure hanger, a snapped granny limit screw and a sliced front deraillure cable and housing...it was war out there. I was happy to cross the finish line with my 3 working gears and a smile on my face. No nap this year and an improvement on my time, I think the cooler temps helped out. Next year I hope to improve once again.

Here is a link to the CCP pictures...there are some good ones out there. As well as a link to the results.

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