Monday, December 07, 2009

Off Season

The season is officially over for DART and myself. I'm letting the body rest a bit and not doing anything called training for a its just called biking, trail running, orienteering, paddling and skiing. G, Aaron and I are going to do the Deception Pass Dash next weekend which should be fun and I am looking forward to some dawn patrol sessions up at Snoqualmie. Both Jen and I have been getting out and assaulting the Cougar Mt. trails, as they are now in our back yard.

Something new for multisport:

Last week I experienced a world record set at a multi sport endurance event surrounding bacon, that's right I said BACON and it was called the Bacathalon. Erik "the Red" Denmark set a record for the most bacon consumed in 10 minutes...out of this world. It turns out I know some his friends and they filled me in on some of his feats, secrets of success and inside tidbits. He ate over 30 Habeneros in one minute...need I say more? I think not. Here he is getting ready to devour bacon at the first ever bacatholon.

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