Sunday, August 21, 2005

DART wins Raid the North in Nelson, B.C.

I haven't received the full story from DartHart yet but the news is in that the team has won the Raid the North race this weekend in Nelson B.C. and they threw in a small adventure with a grizzly to keep them on their toes....scary.

I pulled the following out of a race report on sleep monsters :

"The lead team DART was bushwacking between CP1 and CP2 near the base of the alpine area, when the spotted some dark eyes glowing and a low, rough growling noise was coming from the dark shadow. The shadow was a grizzly that charged the team. The grizz stopped short and the team was able to clamber up onto a high log where they huddled together and tried to look big and fierce and were screaming at the top of their lungs. The grizzly charged again and again stopped short, then disappeared into woods. DART reports it was scary, very un-nerving. Following closely behind DART was team #31 and also team #25 Helly Hansen. Chris Christie of Helly Hansen told Pat that the screams from DART “…were nothing like I have ever heard before, like something straight out of the Blair Witch Project.” “Our team freaked and we all had our flares in our hands.” "

Holy Cow! The team is glad everyone is safe and had the ability stay strong through the scary event...I almost pooped myself when I read about it and got the following short story from DartHart upon his return to Seattle....

" I just got home from Raid the North 36hr in Nelson, BC. Here is the quick and dirty (I'll write a race report after a nap) - We won (26:08), we got bluff charged by a grizzle bear - TWICE.! (scariest moment of my life thus far), we had to scramble for our lives from 400 pound boulders let loose by another team 1,000 feet above us, we made a few mistakes but ended up being fast enough to recover from them and beat Helly Hansen to the finish line by 2 hours."

Nice work team!!!

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