Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Scouting for the Trioba race...

Glenn, JVG and myself hooked up at the Pioneer Coffee Company in Cle Elum and spent a bit of time doing some early morning speculation on where the next Trioba might be passing through. The website states, "The start will be within 100 miles of Ellensburg... " so we loooked at possible routes into E-burg and randomly chose one to play on.

Where did we end up.?.?.? Somewhere that has lots of dirt roads, big climbs and views. Well there were supposed to be views but since we were getting snowed on the whole time there wasn't much to see. First snow of the year and we were rolling around in it for over an hour and a half. Les Miserab! Getting ready for a race that might have a little of everything; Cold, Hot, Dry and Wet.

Looking forward to a great race and hoping our team in Baja kicks some ass at Explore California!!!

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