Thursday, September 15, 2005

Raid World Championships...

is over and the french team Les Arcs Quechua pulled out a victory! They are a very FAST team and seemed to have pulled off a very clean race.

Solomon Suisse came in second and the third place team NIKE is from Colorado. The course appeared to be physically gruelling based on all of the reports I read on Checkpoint Zero and Sleep Monsters.

There were some odd mandatory sleep requirements and a number of dark zones implimented into this race. I am very eager to talk to some of the racers and see what they thought of this. From an outsiders standpoint they would only add more clutter into the race and confused me with the tidbits of information I was able to receive on them.

The race course itself seemed straight forward and with the use of GPS I am curious how much navigation really played a role in this test of physical strength. My guess is that there will be some grumbling about the lack of strategic decision making...but what do I know from the couch in Seattle...

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