Wednesday, January 11, 2006

DART Takes Baja Traversia!!!

We sent 2 teams down to Baja in early December for the first ever Baja Traversia mini expedition race. Team DART-Montrail (Cyril, Seegs, Hart) came out on top of the pack and DART-Gregory (JVG, Glenn and RVG) came in a respectable 4th place. This was an unbelievable race and was jam packed with adventure from start to finish.

Both teams traveled together until the second day at which point DART-Montrail kicked it into gear and took off to get into first place and hold the lead until they finished strong in San Felipe on the Sea of Cortes. For a full recollection of the race check out Matt's Blog where he has a full race write up...well done team.

DART-Gregory had an exciting race as well with some intense competition, a ufo sighting and a couple of bonfires in the back of the lead pack. You can count on seeing us back in Mexico for year two of the Traversia in 2006.

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