Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hood Canal

Epic training on Sunday with JVG, Glenn, Matt and Myself! Matt was at our door at 6:15 in the morning and we biked down to the Fauntleroy Ferry in West Seattle and headed to Southworth where we met up with Glenn. From there we embarked on a 160 mile loop around the entire Hood Canal.

We headed North on highway 16 for the only not so good section of the loop and even this was still pleasant. From there we crossed the Hood Canal bridge (See picture) and hit up some epic road with some views to die for. The clouds opened up after we passed through Quilcene? and Mt. Washington was staring us straight inthe eye...awesome. The loop brought us south along the West coast of the canal, through the Skookum Indian Reservation and then back north through Belfair and back to Bremerton. Glenn planned out a magnificent route and is the man.

As a side note it is amazing how road cyclist get treated, especially when you are in the sticks. There were numerous signs posted that reminded drivers to share the road, but still we got honked at, flipped off and a bottle of Mt. Dew thrown at us. We survived :-)

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