Friday, September 29, 2006


With one big race left this season we will begin ramping up for it and focusing on a lot of little details once again. This week I started my second session of the year of Intermittant Hypoxic Training with my Altipower, brought to us by our sponsor PeakXL . Looks like they are on sale until tomorrow through PeakXL!

I will be using two cartridges prior to hitting up Brazil, which will be 28 days of IHT training and probably only 20-24 of those days I will use the breathing apparatus as you need to have some off days. It is pretty interesting and has yielded results for me in the past so I will continue to use the tool going forward.

The IHT training is roughly 1-2 hours a day of 6-7 minutes of breathing through the device and 3-4 minutes of regular breathing. You need to treat your time on the device as training and not over due it, as it does stress your body and we all need our rest. There is a manual adjustment to change the simulated altitude and affect your work out.

I usually mix in a little on line poker while playing, if I do IHT while horizontal on the couch I get tired and fall asleep. Not because of the training, but usually because I mix in the IHT sessions from 10-11:30.

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