Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bend Big Fat

This weekend was filled with single track from start to finish. The Bend Big Fat. Some friends, D, Thrill, TD and I made it down to Bend to visit our buddies Kevin and Julie and tear up the trails to the best of our ability. Friday was 100 miles from Paulina Peak to the town of Sisters and Saturday started up near Bachelor and finished down in Bend, 50+ miles later. I'll let the pics do the talking:

This last picture is of the aid station, which actually was in tact on both Friday and Saturday...and what an aid station it was. There where sandwhiches, brownies, cookies, water, fruit, you name it and it was there. This is not an amenity that I am used to and found myself blowing through them on the big ride Friday, but after reminding myself it was not a race I slowed down enough to enjoy a sandwhich and some hummus, followed up by some brownies and snickers! The ride benefited the Central Oregon Trails Alliance and I am sure it will go directly to making more trails. I can't believe how many miles of beautiful single track we rode....it was endless.

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