Monday, October 09, 2006

Women's Navigation Clinic...Adventure Racing focus

This weekend Erik and I hosted an all womens navigation clinic. The class consisted of two parts, the first being a three hour classroom session on Friday and the second was 5 hours out in the field Saturday night. Since Erik and I have no social life we had to coax the women into a weekend of fun filled with bushwhacking, route finding, map reading and overall data gathering in the great out doors.

Overall I think class was successful and I believe the students walked away with more knowledge than they come to class with. Of course there are things we could have added to the class to make it better, here are a couple of them:
  • A laid out course with orienteering flags.
  • less bushwhacking, but still included it.
  • more daytime navigation.

We hope to improve on the class over time and to get more people educated on how to move fast and confidently through an adventure race or just while playing in the mountains. It was great to see everyone excited about being out there and navigating through the bush and the dark as well!

See you on and off the trails-RVG

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