Thursday, November 02, 2006

More Brazil Adventure Race info...

From the Ecomotion website...Some race info

Teams: 60
Length: 310 miles
Disciplines: Mountain biking, trekking, rope skills, double kayaking, rafting, inflatable kayaking, coasteering and navigation
Forbidden Training locations for local teams: cities of Angra de Reis, Barra Mansa, Barra do Pirai, Pinheiral, Pirai, Porto Real, Quatis, Rezende, Rio Claro, Seropedica, Valenca, Vassouras and Volta Redonda.
This is the state of Rio De can find a couple of the cities listed.

A couple more tid bits about our destination:
-With only 43,909 km2, Rio de Janeiro is one of the smallest Brazilian States (the State of Rio, however, is a bit larger than Switzerland, and twice as large as Massachussets);
-from the border with São Paulo to the border with Espírito Santo, the state is about 300 km long.
-The area around Búzios and Cabo Frio is called Região dos Lagos (Zone of Lakes).
-The area around Nova Friburgo, Petrópolis and Teresópolis is the Região Serrana (Mountains Zone); cities here are at a higher altitude and have a colder climate.

One other thing I am thinking about is Yellow Fever. Check the link out to get more info, sounds like something that would like to get me. I am going to try and get an immunization shot on Monday at the UW medical clinic before I take off.


THRILL said...

Please don't say TRY to get immunization shot on Monday, you will. Holy cow. You don't need the Yellow Fever. We all won't survive it - we like your first place standings! Not heli rides!

Anonymous said...

Those mosquitos will be hunting you down so get the shot! I've got lots of work for you when you get back so stay healthy and have a good race. -d