Tuesday, November 07, 2006

On the road

On the left is Matty G hydrating with some nuun on our boat ride to the wedding!

Well yesterday went by way too fast and I got most of what I wanted to get done before taking off done.

Turner and Second Ascent came through in a big way. While I was in Mexico Turner shipped a new front triangle to Second Ascent and Andrew did a bike build for me over the weekend. The bike is back in action and ready to roll. I also went with a new chain for the race as I don't want to deal with break issues and the chain I had has been through a lot.

I went by the offices of nuun and picked up some branded gear to give away and wear while we are at the race and took care of some odds and ends.

Evidently the you need to make an appointment a month ahead of time at the UW travel center so I did not get the Yellow Fever shots. Evidently it is'n't a huge threat and not required by the government but just recomended. I read that Dengue Fever is more of a threat but no vaccine for that and it is not life threatening. Moral of the story is wear lots of bug spray! Keep the infected mosquitos at bay.

pictures coming later...off to the airport!

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