Friday, November 10, 2006

Mucho Christo

Cyril, RVG, Seegs and Aaron showing the colors up on the hill with the Christo.
This is Ipanema, in between the lake and the ocean.
This is Sugarloaf (the pointy rock) and there is a gondola that goes up to it. Only another small portion of Rio...This city is sooo very large, I didn´t realize it until I got up here.
Me and Christo having a moment.
Another day in Rio, we are getting ansy but still had a good day. Woke up to rain and a cold morning and we all hope it warms and dries up a bit come race day. It still was not that bad and in all actuality I think rain and dismal conditions will benefit our team more than hinder us.
We are leaving tomorrow (saturday) at noon by bus North to the village in the mountains where we will start the race from, not sure what it is called. It is supposed to be a four hour bus ride and temperatures will drop a bit. Rumor has it that the race will start Sunday night at 8pm, in the dark, so the speculation has begun about order of events and timing. Our race packet has indicated that there are 29 checkpoints, 13 passage posts (required travel) and 22 transitions, of which 10 are assisted. Sounds like lots of variety!
Not sure if I will have much access to a computer after tomorrow morning, but I will try to post any information I recieve prior to the race...otherwise I will post after the race.

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jvg said...

hey ry, i love the updates and the pic's. thanks for the call this morning. it was great to talk with ya. good luck in the race. race smart, be safe, have fun and race fast!