Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ecomotion 2006

This race is going to be grand and will be a pddlers paradise. Sorry no pcs for this post, I think the internet speed here is some archaic form of dial up.

Last night we went to the racers banquet and it was huge! A larger production than PQ and the teams were fired up. They gave all the international teams head sets and had a translator reading into a mic. The banquet was in a military base and felt like we were in a United Nations meeting (never been to one, just seen on cnn).

It is cool to see all the teams and their colors. The race has a shirt exchange and it took place after dinner...the nuun visors were a hot commodity and our ArcTeryx tech T´s were also sought after. We got ushered into a huge auditorium where bands, DJ´s and videos entertained us. The race is going to be something like this:

-11K paddle start (in the dark on a mellow river)
-15K bike
-75K trek
-15K bike
-34K trek
-12K white watr paddling
-Gets a bit confusing here but my best guess is something like this.
-trek/paddle (34K)/trek/paddle (76K)/trek/paddle(26K)

The confusing part is a large paddle out to an Island that we climb over, rappel off the top, and climb back over. It looks very cool on the map.

We are in the mountains now and temperatures have dropped. No worries about overheating, now they are warning teams about hypothermia and teaching the Brazilian teams about how to stay warm. I think they discussed how to puppy pile in the meeting last night, but the translation was a bit funny.

I will update post race...this is going to be fun!

sorry about typos I think some one spilled a coke on the keyboard ;-)

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JVG said...

hey ry,

love the updates. i'm so fired up for you guys. the weather seems to be perfect for DART since this is the usual weather we train in. now have a great race.. you guys are so ready for this!