Monday, February 19, 2007

Gettin'er done at Galbraith and Chuckanut

The three day weekend was a success and we spent 3 great days up North in the recreational Mecca of Bellingham. Sooo much to do and so little time. We stayed at our favorite hotel, the Chrysalis, and hit up Galbraith, the middle 18 of the Chuckanut Ultra and more Galbraith for desert.

This was my second and third time to Galbraith and I never realized how many trails are in the region and how amazing they are. I think my favorite trails were Evolution, Wonderland and Pollo Elastico. Get out there and look for these bad boys.

Chuckanut was good, I have been wanting to run this mountainous loop for a while. We dropped the flat part of the Ultra, which is 6 miles of rail road grade before and after the loop. We had nothing but ups and downs and some exploration when I wasn't sure which way to go. Luckily the trail description we got off of kept us moving in the right direction and bailed us out of a small 1+ mile side jaunt near Lost Lake (a bit of bush whacking to keep us on our toes too).

Our return trip to Galbraith on Monday saw the weather change it up a bit and we got WET. It was still a good time and the trails were all still rideable, the man made stunts were a bit scarier, but still fun.

New test with you tube...get your adventure on!

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