Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mercer, May Valley and Tiger Mountain...

Big weekend and lots of fun to go with it. Saturday was a blast and Aaron, Glenn JVG and I paddled from the NWOC out the cut and around Mercer Island in a clockwise fashion. We cut accross near 520, said hi to the guards at Bill G's house on the lake (it's amazing) and finished the 26 mile loop in about 6 hours with three stops to switch paddle partners.

The lake was very calm and the wind was not too heavy, which made for great paddling and everyone was looking good. Our pace averaged 5.3 miles per hour and held constant over the entire paddle. JVG is looking good in the boat and it is fun to see her skills get better and better each time she kayaks. We are getting ramped up in the boat and could be very strong in the paddle at the Traversia.

Sunday we did one of our favorite trainings around the South end of Lake Washington and out May Valley with JVG, Glenn, Frenchy and MG. We worked our way to Issaquah high school where we stashed our bikes and ran up Tiger Mountain for the first big brick of the year. It is amazing to me how this training gets easier and easier over time...perhaps I am more comfortable out on a 6 hour brick now. The first time we did this it was miserable, everyone was cold and I could not wait for it to get done. Now I wanted it to go another four hours. Just can't get enough. It helps to have adventerous outings and fun people to do them with.


Glenn said...

I was worn down at the end. It was nice riding with new faces. What's the next bike loop? We are wearing out the territory around here.


Gary Robbins said...

Hey Ryan, didn't expect you to be checking out my blog, but thanks for the comments!
I always look in on your epic training days and wish we had a similar pool of people to do this stuff with close to SQ.
Can we get a tow for the kayaking in Baja?


DARTvg said...

Free tows in Baja! after the race to the bar ;-)Can't wait get to get down there.