Sunday, February 25, 2007

Nasty weather wont stop this train

Here are the ladies (Two of them) of DART-nuun racing. Tough as nails and faster than light! We had an epic training on Saturday with too many excuses to stop and no one was having that. The cold, the rain, the mud, the flat did not matter for our crew of Aaron, JVG, Seegs and myself riding 107K around Seattle and Bainbridge in route to some running and paddling. We rode the Chilly Hilly course the day before the ride was to be held. The elements proved to be the toughest part of the training but we were able to pull off the trifecta of biking, running and paddling.

Sunday was a good day for me at Alpental with Rury, races with Mergeo, testing out some new gear and searching for the deep Pow. We found it. We got the third chair up international and qued up for what was a great day in the alpental back country. Rury showed me around and introduced me to the locals only club on the hill.

This concluded a monster week for me and my legs hated me on our last hike out the top gate and the 30 minutes of postholing to Piste Pass (sp?) tore me up. The snow was light and fluffy up top but by the end of the day the Cascade Cement took its toll on the legs. What a weekend!
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Jen Segger-Gigg said...

You summed up our day just perfectly. We gotter done though. Arron and I had a tough day too on Sunday. Nothing but rain and big waves. Its all good now that I am sitting at home, nice and dry! Cant wait for our next adventure! seegs

Anonymous said...

no wonder you race, cute ladies.