Sunday, March 04, 2007

Capitol Forest Ambitions

We were ambitious with our plan to Mt. Bike 50 miles through Capital Forest just south of Oly...what we did not plan on is the aftermath of the biggest windstorm of the century, 4-12 inches of snow and a mid afternoon work party. Our possee consisted of JVG, Aaron, Glenn, Chad and Roger...riders on the storm

With all of that we still managed to squeak in 26 miles of trail riding and we bumped into a group of back country horsemen doing their annual trail work party! Nothing like some mid ride shoveling to get the blood pumping. Overall the ride was good and the training was even better.

The prize of the ride was when I let Chad take the lead (He's Aaron's buddy from LA) and he bombed down into a muddy gully...I came around a corner behind him to see him crawling out of a 2 foot deep puddle that he had gone over his bars into. He smiles and said, sure let the new guy go first into the death pit ;-) We all laughed and it really only meant he was cleaner than we were since he washed off in the pool. Check out these videos of Glenn and Aaron climbing towards Capitol Peak.

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