Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mountain Bike Tune up

Early in the season we like to have open trainings and invite anyone that is interested in joining us for some mid-week night time mountain bike riding. This year we started our sessions a bit later than normal, probably due to our fright of the cold weather that has been lingering.

Last night we had our first night mountain biking session of 2007. We hit Tapeworm or Towers of Power in Renton and rode for a couple of hours at a mellow pace. The focus of the night was on cornering, handling and riding wheelies. JVG recorded her first ridden wheelie (on purpose) to get over some logs and a stray curb, Purcell got a bit too agro and had to hike a bike her broken steed out of the trails and D and B just straight up tore the trails a new one.

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