Sunday, March 11, 2007

Colinoba III

As defending champs we had a lot of pressure and the smack talk started the week prior to the big event. Mud slinging came from every direction, luckily we were racing in our backyards and I was able to rely on my college beer drinking as training for the event's multi sport disciplines. Drinking beer and running were in order on Saturday.

The line up of teams was daunting and we knew that this year we would have to bring the "A" game to keep the famous Guiness Cup in West Seattle, where it has resided for the last year.

Here are the photos and video with audio working:
20070310 Colinoba III

On a damp Saturday morning in the Pacific Northwest...I'll let the video tell the story.


Glenn said...

way too funny

Anonymous said...

looks like college paid off with good beer training.

Gary said...

RVG, where do you find the time to put together videos like this?

All I can say is that you are lucky the Canadian drinking team known as 'The Incredibles' did not catch wind of the event in time...although we probably would have gotten lost...a couple of times.

So is that yet another victory for you and the team this year!
See ya in Baja next week, yeee haaaww!!