Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Coffee, slang for psychoactive substance

This little beast wears many hats:
-Good morning pal
-Hydration for my dry donuts (dunking tool) and apple fritters
-Chaser for eggs and greasy bacon
-Legal "Pick me up"
-Post dinner food coma deterent
- What else?

I'm beyond denial and realize that I am physically addicted to CAFFEINE. Sunday I failed to consume my double short one splenda latte and could not figure out why I was off all day. We paddled around the North end of Lake Washington and something had me in a funk...not sure what it was. Until my head started throbbing a bit and I thought my lack of caffeine might be playing a big part.

I vowed to try and stay off the sauce for a bit, and at the suggestion of the King of Cromwell, I have decided to try and ween off of "the world's most widely consumed psychoactive substance"until I need it an expedition adventure race! On some of those long nights we will take a caffeine pill or two and perhaps its effectiveness has been muted in the past by my dependence.?.? I'm hoping by lowering the java intake my body will be able to enjoy the benefits more when the sleep monster come knocking.

Now 4 days into my 28 day program I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. The headache has subsided and I have been introduced to a new friend, THE SPLIT SHOT! This is a double latte with one shot of caffeinated and one shot non-caffeinated espresso. I am switching to these every other day this week. On the off days I am not drinking any caffeine and think this will get me to where I need to be. I might need to avoid donuts, specifically apple fritters, as they go so good together with a cup of the morning brew. Next week I will be free of caffeine, or so the story should strong.

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Glenn said...

I wouldn't stop the apple fritters. That may be way too much for your body to withstand. I don't remember all the 12 steps but I think that you have made it past the most important one. If you want, I'll be your sponsor. Call me anytime you are about to go over the edge.