Friday, March 30, 2007

Drinking a beer in San Felipe

If you were not able to follow the excitement of our (Both our Dart and the other Dart team´s) adventures on the Dart-nuun news blog you should check out the updates. Woohoo...exciting times. After kayaking through the perfect storm and making it back to terra firma we spent 10 hours getting back to civilization, setting some ropes and rappeling back into the cove where we ship wrecked to retrieve some stuff that washed ashore and catching back up to the race.

Check out the news from the link above and you will underst and that we worked our way to shore. We moved through the impact zone of the waves and the swell was estimated at 20 feet where we were. This means that from the top of each wave to the trough it was 40 feet of difference. This was like nothing I had ever experienced before and it was good that we all stayed calm and did what needed to be done. Glenn was our captain and helped a lot with his level headedness and good decision making. So when we went through the first set of waves the force was absolutely tremendous and everything that I had was pretty much stripped from me...gloves, glasses,booties, and camera out of a zipped pocket. I wish my camera would have made it, I had some sick pics.

We missed the first bike and first trek and were able to get back onto our bikes for the 58K bike in the middle of the race. We crushed the section, which included a 3k hike a bike and we were glad to be back into a race feeling, but still bummed to have been thrown the curveball of day one and the kayaking. The next trek was pretty uneventful and a short 14k of dirt roads and off road travel through desert and dunes. This got us back on our bikes and moving up the hills where we climbed through out the night up to 1600 meters. It was cold...and I mean cold, but the climb kept us warm and we just pushed through.

We were racing as unranked and had been through quite an the end of the day or beginning of the next day we decided we had had enough before committing to the canyon and made our way to San Felipe for a beer. What a sweet beer it was.

There will be more races and we are all better people for surviving such a crazy experience. I am glad everyone is OK that raced and will enjoy the rest of my time in San Felipe!

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Anonymous said...

Good to know you guys are all safe and congrats on the team victory. I'm bummed you lost your camera. You usually have some awesome pics with that shotgun technique of yours! When you get a sec you'll have to let me know if I relayed your story accurately on the DART/news blog. -DM