Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sea Otter here we come

Now back in the comfort of rainy and grey Seattle we are focusing on preparing for our next race, Sea Otter, in Monterrey, California. We are competing in the 6-12 hour race and will have two teams of three people racing. This will also stand as our first race in the Big Blue Series this year and we are hoping to compete in the series and take home the title.

As it stands, Big Blue AR is the last West Coast series with 24 hour races included. There are other 24 hour races including the Desert Wind race in Lake Mead, but no series to compete in. Wicked AR out of Portland and Explore the West have gone away, hopefully they will return, and Trioba has reduced to two sprint races. We will most definitely still compete in the Trioba series and the new 4th Dimension AR .

Needless to say we are still organizing the calendar and trying to make things work out.

While at Sea Otter we will have the opportunity to spend time with sponsors, be surrounded by thousands of athletes and hopefully soak up some more sun :-) Look for a DART racer in a booth near you if you happen to attend the bike festival. Most likely we will be seen next to our friends at the nuun booth or rallying around our other great sponsors Rudy Project, Hydrapack, Full Speed Ahead, Michelin Tires and Light and Motion.
See you in Monterrey!

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You are a lucky man.