Sunday, May 13, 2007

Eventful weekend

DART-nuun had a busy weekend of racing. We had a team compete in Las Vegas at the Desert Winds and another team at the Momar race in Squamish. On top of all this, Jen Segger (DART racer extraordinair), designed the Momar course.

We were going to have two teams competing at Desert Winds (Including myself and JVG) but something cam up and we were unable to make it. This is why we roll with a big roster and how we cover each other. I had a good weekend filled with running and biking with JVG .

Race updates:

DART-nuun takes second to Sole. Cyril said it was a great race and a must do for next year. He said the paddling was very scenic and the treking/rogaining was like nothing we had seen before. He said Glenn and Patricia kicked butt.

Aaron lead a sport team in Squamish which had a new racer and their female team mate got sick and was not able to make the race at the last moment. In the end the Momar packed as much fun as people have grown to expect from the well ran race...and the party lived up to the stories! Rinn said that Jen Segger's course design was superb and all the racers involved had smiles on.

We are looking forward to Trioba next weekend! The line up is going to be Rinn, Hart and myself, lets get it on.

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