Sunday, May 06, 2007

Full Bloom

This weekend we hit up Hood River and spent over 8 hours in our saddles. The flowers were in full bloom and we had a great time. The trails are all very fresh and there is very little dust out right now. That made for some aggressive cornering and fun rides.

The only downside was that the Poison Oak was out in full force. I scrubbed hard post rides and wore some preventative lotion but expect to be hit hard based on the amount of Oak where we were. I think I saw the largest Poison Oak plant ever after we popped out of Little Moab.

We had a fun crew hanging out with us including JVG, Rinn, Maria, Gill, Frenchy, Amanda and Matzke. We forgot the Pinata for our Cinco de Mayo celebration but luckily Gill had some Tequila. Being in good shape makes for a bunch of lightweights and good times around town. Is there a better way to taper for a big race coming up this weekend than good times!

Hood River is really developing into a recreational mecca and it was fun to see outdoor enthusiasts of all sorts outside, around town and on the trails. Look closely at this last picture and you will see a couple of riders on the trail along the cliff's edge. What a trail!!!

Here is a link to my photo album for some more pics...
Hood River May 2007


Hart said...

sorry i couldn't make it buddy... sounds like it was a blast!

Anonymous said...

nice pics, hope the poison oak was't too severe, almost worth the price. what race are you in and with whom this week-end????