Monday, July 09, 2007

The end of an era...start of another

One week after the RTN and focus has changed to the 12 hour Trioba which will be the second race for their season and as it turns out the final race for the Yeager brothers:

"The TRIOBA series will conclude and close its event history with the last race of this season occurring on July 14, 2007. The TRIOBA 12-hour race held at Snoqualmie Pass will be the final race in a race series that has spanned six years and over twenty events. Justin and Joel Yeager are proud to have directed a race series that has impacted several lives and will continue their adventures in other arenas. "

The trioba series has changed over the years and seemed to be winding down over the last two, with the drop off of their 24 hour races. The season finale last year included a 24 hour race which took the winning teams 12 hours...this was in such contrast to the early 24 hour races, which had winning times of 18-24 hours and really pushed the limits of all the racers involved.

DART has participated in the races from the beginning and has enjoyed racing real adventure races in our lovely state (Washington). We also appreciate the amount of time and energy Justin and Joel put into making high caliber races and for this we thank NW Adventures.

There's NEW HOPE...

What's next? 4th Dimension AR is picking up some momentum and coming off of an 8 hour rogaine that was great. They are producing a 24 hour race in September which will take place on the Olympic Peninsula and has us very excited. Glenn will be working with Roger at 4thDAR to create a course that should knock our socks off...inside sources tell me that they are hoping to add multiday races in the future and work towards a PNW championship series...BRING IT ON!!

I have high hopes for the races on the horizon and am hoping for good things.

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