Monday, July 16, 2007

Farewell Trioba and Mt Daniel for a chaser...

The Trioba has come and gone. The Yeager brothers and NW Adventures put on a stellar race for their grand finale...of course I would have preferred one of their old fashioned 24 hour courses, but the 6-12 hour race was a blast. In the end edged us (Hart, Rinn and Myself) out by 15-20 minutes after we got into a tailspin on check point 15. As is part of the game in adventure racing, you need to nail your navigation as well as move fast.

For a quick peak at the real time race coverage our team published click HERE. The race started with a bike that had 2 small hike-a-bikes to connect roads and had good bit of climbing and then a bush whack filled trek that went on and on.

We made one small mistake after the first bike whack and passed the CP and Matt had an absolutely amazing crash on his bike and bounced back up ready for action...I didn't need to remind him how tough he is, but I did. The trek started smoothe and then CP 15 and CP16 got us good. You can check out the splits here and see that we lost a bit of time on CP 15 and all of our time on 16.Overall it was a success and I must say thanks to Justin and Joel for their contributions to adventure racing in the Pacific long Trioba.

This happens to be the only photograph I took while at the race...Andrea enjoying the company of her team mates...maybe a pre race stretch or something. I focused on video and should have a highlight film out shortly.

Sunday we (Hart, Rinn and Matzke) followed up the race with a mini epic climb up Mt. Daniel...We did the Lynch Glacier route up to Mt. Daniel and took the cascade crest trail North toward Deception Pass past Hyas Lake. We headed west into the bush and found our way to the lynch glacier. Here is the bushwack

Rinn working his way up to the glacier...

The crew roped up heading up the Lynch Glacier.


Here's album...

Mt Daniels

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