Sunday, August 19, 2007

Australia - XPD ... we have arrived

On to the XPD Expedition adventure race, headquartered in Queensland, Australia. We arrived to Sydney and seemed to have slept through an entire day, as we left on Thursday and arrived on Saturday, late in the afternoon....time machine? Nope, its the international date line. The weather is cold for the locals and warm for us at around 70 degrees F. The town of Airlie is a sleepy backpackers town with a great waterfront and views out to the Whitsunday Islands.

We are starting to get preped for the race and are focusing on the following items right off the bat:

-Getting food for the race and pre-race
-Preping our bike boxes
-Putting together bikes
-tinkering with gear
-getting registered
-going over our competency tests
-eating kangaroo (haven't done this yet)...saw some kangaroo rump on the first menu I reviewed...hmmm

We did go to get registration info yesterday and learned that one of the individuals that works for the production company of the race passed away in a car accident...bummer, you can get more information on it at the XPD site linked above. There will be no changes to the race, but we will be involved in a small memorial for him at the start of the race.

We will learn more about everything at our first pre race meeting today at 9:00 AM.
Picture out of our little cabana, taken by photog extraordinaire....Aaron Rinn. Look for the parrot high in the tree.


Anonymous said...

Glad you arrived with all of your gear! Thanks for the post. Continue to feed us info about the race as you get it. Good-luck safe and race smart.

Anonymous said...

awesome week ahead, strange land and new scenery. enjoy and have fun,dad

Anonymous said...

Have a fun safe race. Keep the updates coming! - D MC

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links. Be safe but fast,Bonnie

Michmas said...

Good luck out there!! and dont forget to put plenty of Stans no Tube in your bike tires :)