Sunday, August 12, 2007

Northern Cascades - Teebone Ridge

We set out on Saturday morning from Jeannie and Jamie's in Rockport for the Teebone Ridge Traverse. We shuttled a car the night before to Newhalem and intended to hike/climb the Teebone ridge from the Lookout Mountain trailhead and then bushwhack down into Newhalem for some great off trail travel and rugged terrain.
On our way up to Lookout Mountain...4000ft+ from the car. The mountain in the background is the ridge that accesses the Teebone ridge. We bushwhacked up the left hand side of the low vegetation after we Climbed Lookout.

Bushwhacking (Easy travel, but steep) up towards the ridge. You can see Lookout Mountain and its fire tower in the background. That is where we came from.

Aaron testing his arm from high on the ridge...Mt Baker in the background.

Climbing Little peak and the bottom of the "T" in the Teebone traverse.

Little Devil in the background...clouds moving in.

After a big cell moved in and unleashed during the night, we woke up to clouds and we were in them. We decided it was a bit safer to travel back the way we came instead of out accross the ridge we intended to traverse. We'll be back to complete the Teebone traverse when we can link a couple of sunny days together :-)

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