Monday, August 06, 2007

XPD on deck...

Starting to really dial in the prep for DART-nuun's next expedition race, XPD, which will be hosted in Airlie beach Australia. This race is going to be a whopper and a good introduction for our team to Australia.
A couple of highlights:
-Estimated winning time is 4-5 days
-Course cut off is 10 days
-The race includes a snorkel orienteering section. I'm excited about this!
-Length was 700km, the last update let us know the race was increased to 750-800km.
-Travel will be through tropical rain forests, Whitsunday Islands, local reefs, and traversing the harsh outback.
Currently the focus is on gear and making sure we have everything we need. It seems that Australia has lots of creepy crawly things and lots of poison in the snakes and spiders. Should we expect to box a kangaroo as well? More race updates to come...

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THRILL said...

I LOVE IT. That sounds incredible (sitting on beach and hearing about it, not doing it!) Maybe I go scuba diving there and pop over to watch you guys take first!!! Of course on the Kangaroo!