Wednesday, August 08, 2007

New Friends....

So we are traveling to Australia, and for those of us that have never been there, a whole new chain of the evolutionary animal kingdom exists. What type of creepy crawlies are we going to come accross in the rain forest, outback and Islands? Here are a couple that have been pointed out to me...thanks Maria!

The Southern Death Adder...hoping to avoid this guy and his a group of highly venomous Australian elapids.
Kangaroo and Joey! That's right, hopefully we don't have to box any of these littel buddies
This little guy is high on my list of animals to photograph...not sure how easy that is going to be.
I hope not to step on the Thorny Devil Lizard.
And of course this post would not be right without the Wombat!
The camera will be charged and ready for action...look for a media frenzy coming from yours truly while I am over there. Just wait until the adventure racing form of Jaques Cousteau comes out!


Special-T said...

I did the race in Tasmania..really trippy the first couple of nights with all of the new "eyes" watching you. They say that most people get bitten by snakes while going to the bathroom... go figure. Have fun. Thomas - Team Aquan

DARTvg said...

Thanks Thomas...I guess I will try and avoid going to the bathroom then ;-)

SadieMBeagle said...

That wombat is even cuter than its name suggests!