Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Recovery filled taper

We are a couple of weeks out of XPD and less than a week before the 4th Dimension Adventure race on the Olympic Peninsula. I'm in that ambiguous state between recovery and taper...is there a place in between the two? Some call it Baskin Robbins, others call it rest ;-)

Over the weekend I went on a great hike up Mt. Pillchuck with JVG and had a killer mountain bike ride at Tiger. I think the variety added into my training has helped keep the drive alive and at least allowed me to really enjoy the trail. The 80 degree temps and dry trail helped out a bit too.

Anyways, we are fielding a tough team for the race this weekend and it will be my first chance to race with Aaron, Aaron and Mari...it should be fun to see how fast we can move and how many pictures we can take. Looking forward to seeing you all out there!


SadieMBeagle said...

Dang, all I did last weekend was run a 5K. Boy do I feel like a lazy sack of crap ;) But I chopped a minute off my best time ever!

I think I'm slowly moving toward your kind of racing...bikes and running are my thing, after all. Especially since I just ordered a sweet-ass new mtb! Time to set aside the 10-year- old hardtail for something fancy.

Good luck in your race!

DARTvg said...

Thanks sadie ;-) Hope to see you on the trails soon!