Monday, October 15, 2007

Rest and Recovery

The 2007 season has come to an end for me...what a year! I have been looking forward to putting the chill on for quite some time. What does this mean?

I am going to let the body rest for a month or two, or at least participate in sports that I don't do during the heart of the for for the time being and then its off to the mountains. I'll probably focus on re-establishing the social life a bit as training for AR takes its toll on ones ability to 'hang out', which is OK but it's nice to see friends and catch up too. Maybe focus on the house a bit. JVG and I will be getting ready for the newest member of the VG family and DART member to make his/her introduction :-)

DART still has one race on the calendar, the USARA national champs. Glenn is heading up the team and hopefully we will be able to get out to Missouri and race hard. I wanted to race but the timing was not soo good for me. Go gettum Glenn, Mari and ???

In the AR world there was some sad news as some AR heads in Vancouver had some bad luck on a training and paid dearly for playing with Mother Nature. See Seegs write up here. To see a truly incredible interview with Bob Faulkner, one of the surviving members of the party click here.

I got a couple of things out of this interview:

  • It is OK to yield to mother nature, she usually wins.

  • Be Prepared

  • Safety in numbers

Play safe and we'll see you on the trails!


Brian said...

Hey DARTvg,
your thoughts on wrapping up the year has hints of relief and anticipation. Congratulations on a prosperous race-year and I commend you for your determination and perseverance. Enjoy your time off, because it won't last too long... little VG will prove an all new type of adventure. =)

Brian Mazurek (E Nachtrieb's brother-in-law)

DARTvg said...

Thanks Brian! We are looking forward to the adventure of a lifetime :-)

Michmas said...

Baby!? I only learned of this amazing fact a few weeks ago. I tried to mail mommy but I'm not sure she's still at work? CONGRATULATIONS!!! I cant wait to see the amazing little athlete you guys produce :)